Zaza Khalvashi 



Born in Batumi, Georgia (formerly USSR) on 17.05.1957.

Married, has three daughters.

    In 1979 graduated from Tbilisi State University faculty of philology, then completed a course at Tbilisi Rustaveli Institute of Literature. In 1982 graduated from Tbilisi State Institute faculty of film directing, studied under two prominent Georgian directors’ supervision - Tengiz Abuladze and Rezo Chkheidze.

     In 1977-2004 he was employed by the Film Studio Georgian Film, the main cinematographic organisation in the country, where he directed “There where I live” (feature, 1990), “Mizerere” (feature, 1996), “Round dance of wolves” (TV series, 2003).

    Currently he divides time between his art and teaching. As a full professor he is teaching film directing at Batumi State Art University, also manages Film and Television Department. On the other hand he is the founding manager of film studio BAFIS, which produced his two latest films - “Solomon” and “Namme”.    

   Zaza Khalvashi has served on a number of significant public posts in the Adjara region of Georgia, namely in 2004-2005 he managed Public TV and Radio Corporation of Adjara region; in 2007-2012 he managed Batumi Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre and in 2013-2016 he was chairman of the board of councillors of Public TV and Radio Corporation of Adjara region.   



Natvris khe (Tree of Desire, 1976) - Actor

Jami (Time, short,1981) - Director

Echo (Echo, short, 1985) - Director Writer

Iq, chemtan (There where I live , feature, 1992) - Director Writer

Miserere (Miserere, feature, 1996) - Director Writer

Mglebis khorumi (Round Dance of Wolves, TV series, 12 episodes, Imedi TV company, 2004) - Director

Solomon (Feature, 2015) - Director

Namme (feature, 2017) - Director Writer